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Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems: Computing and Modeling

Product# 460679389
Selling for $144.2

"This practical book reflects the new technological emphasis that permeates differential equations, including the wide availability of scientific computing environments like 'Maple, Mathematica,' and MATLAB; it does not concentrate on traditional manual methods but rather on new computer-based methods that lead to a wider range of more realistic applications. The book starts and ends with discussions of mathematical modeling of real-world phenomena, evident in figures, examples, problems, and applications throughout the book. For mathematicians and those in the field of computer science."

Differential Equations With Maple V

Product# 460684109
Selling for $46.95

"Addresses using Maple V for computations of explicit, implicit, numerical, or graphical solutions of differential equations. Introduces students to basic methods and algorithms to build proficiency. Softcover. CD-ROM included."

Non-Standard and Improperly Posed Problems

Product# 460684115
Selling for $148

"Written by two international experts in the field, this book is the first unified survey of the advances made in the last 15 years on key non-standard and improperly posed problems for partial differential equations. This reference for mathematicians, scientists, and engineers provides an overview of the methodology typically used to study improperly posed problems. It focuses on structural stability -- the continuous dependence of solutions on the initial conditions and the modeling equations -- and on problems for which data are only prescribed on part of the boundary. The book addresses continuous dependence on initial -- time and spatial geometry and on modeling backward and forward in time. It covers non-standard or non-characteristic problems, such as the 'sideways' problem for a heat or hyberbolic equation and the Cauchy problem for the Laplace equation and other elliptic equations. The text also presents other relevant improperly posed problems, including the uniqueness and continuous dependence for singular equations, the spatial decay in improperly posed parabolic problems, the uniqueness for the backward in time Navier-Stokes equations on an unbounded domain, the improperly posed problems for dusty gases, the linear thermoelasticity, and the overcoming Holder continuity and image restoration."

New Parallel Algorithms for Direct Solution of Linear Equations

Product# 460687886
Selling for $82.95

"Systems of linear equations arise frequently in engineering systems analysis, and methods of solving these systems are an increasing area of research required to improve speed, fault tolerance, and scalability. This book presents new research in the area of solving linear equations. Readers will find that instead of 'parallelizing' the usual algorithms, the authors have developed new ones."

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