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Slurry Systems Handbook

Product# 460548138
Selling for $131

"The most comprehensive resource on slurries and slurry systems, covering everything from fluid mechanics to soil classification, pump design to selection criteria for wear resistance."

Machine Design Handbook

Product# 460683248
Selling for $157.5

"A comprehensive reference containing current technical information for solving various types of machine design problems, including charts on material properties, as well as the necessary equations, formulas, calculations, graphs, and data needed in day to day design work."

Variable Speed Drive Fundamentals

Product# 460684556
Selling for $84

"The definitive on-the-job guide to applying variable speed drives has just been fully updated! Written in straightforward 'user' language, this fully revised and updated edition provides an authoritative, yet practical guide for the engineer or technician involved in specifying, applying, maintaining or operating variable frequency drives (VFDs). A comprehensive overview of starting controls and their application to various types of induction motors provides a valuable assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of control. You'll find a helpful discussion of some of the latest electronic 'smart' motor controllers, as well as a section covering the attributes and capabilities of the 'wound-rotor motor,' including how to configure a basic control system for it. A basis is given to compare motor torque and operating characteristics using 'starters.' The presentation provides a detailed evaluation of the most common versions of variable frequency drives. Current trends in addressing harmonic problems created by VFDs are discussed, along with use of new IGBT technology. Other topics include sizing and applying of VFDs, controlling enclosure heat, energy saving opportunities, and updated product/manufacturing information."

Machining And CNC Technology with Student CD-ROM

Product# 460766910
Selling for $135.96

The first machining text to fully integrate CNC technology!

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