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The ASME Code Simplified: Power Boilers

Product# 460547800
Selling for $68

"ASME Code for Power Boilers Simplified! Now there's a quick, easy way to make sense of one of the industry's most widely used regulatory documents: The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The ASME Code Simplified: Power Boilers, by Dyer D. Carroll and Dyer E. Carroll, Jr., clarifies every aspect of Section 1 of the Code plus its latest updates. You get dozens of real-world examples that help you apply the Code to the design, fabrication, repair, inspection and testing of all types of power boilers. Much more than just a Code ``decoder,'' it packs easy-to-follow procedures for obtaining ``S'' and ``R'' stamps plus scores of sample problems, questions and answers that help you prepare for the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Board as well as ``A'' and ``B'' endorsement exams. You get instant access to the latest requirements for: Cylindrical components under both internal and external pressure; Formed heads; Braced and stayed surfaces; Reinforced openings in heads and shells; Appurtenances and appliances; Much more."

Schaum's Outline of Heat Transfer

Product# 460683092
Selling for $17.95

"If you want top grades and thorough understanding of heat transfer, this powerful study tool is the best tutor you can have! It takes you step-by-step through the subject and gives you 269 accompanying related problems with fully worked solutions. You also get 92 additional problems to solve on your own, working at your own speed. (Answers at the back show you how you're doing.) Famous for their clarity, wealth of illustrations and examples, and lack of dreary minutie, Schaum's Outlines have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide--and this guide will show you why!"

Guide to Energy Management

Product# 460684539
Selling for $126.66

"Three leading experts guide you every step of the way in planning and implementing energy management strategies designed for the 21st century. Here in its thoroughly revised third edition is a manager's guide to the most important areas of energy cost cutting. Written by three of the most respected energy professionals in the industry, the book examines the fundamental objectives of energy management and illustrates techniques and tools proven effective for achieving results. Many new ideas and technologies will be needed in the federal sector in the new millennium to meet the goal of the executive orders signed by President Clinton to reduce energy use 30% by the year 2005, and 35% by 2010. The authors have included valuable insights which address meeting these specific goals, as well as tools for building the skills needed to succeed in the fast changing energy management field. The third edition offers a new chapter written by co-author Kennedy on tying maintenance into the energy management program. Other key topics include energy auditing, rate structures, economic evaluation techniques, lighting efficiency improvement, HVAC optimization, combustion and use of industrial wastes, steam generation and distribution system performance, control systems and computers, process energy management, insulation, renewable energy, and industrial water management."

Boiler Operator's Guide

Product# 460766644
Selling for $72

"All boiler professionals will want to have this major revision of the classic guide to installing, operating, and maintaining boilers in industrial, commercial, and other facilities. Fully explains changes to the ASME Boiler Code and the latest technological advances in the field, including new materials. Helps prepare for oral and written license tests and includes question and answers."

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