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The Six Sigma Revolution: How General Electric and Others Turned Process Into Profits

Product# 460553418
Selling for $40

"'In The Six Sigma Revolution, George communicates the principles of Six Sigma to audiences at every level and enables an immediate understanding of what is for many an intimidating field.'?Ross Leher, Chairman and CEO RWI Interactive Information Services 'The Six Sigma Revolution is a powerful profit-building tool and an indispensable resource for leaders wanting to drive lasting improvement.'?Mike Delaney, Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategic Planning Unifi, Inc."

The Six Sigma Project Planner

Product# 460683404
Selling for $49.95

Project management strategies for meeting Six Sigma project goals--on time and on budget 'The Six Sigma Project Planner shows Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts how to use project management tools to complete Six Sigma improvements on time and on budget. The 'Planner provides dozens of reproducible project management tools for following the proven Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve- Control (DMAIC) process improvement format. Readers who follow its guidelines will be able to quickly and effectively: Determine a Six Sigma project's ROI Correct problems in current processes Develop and implement entirely new processes

Operations Management: Multimedia Version w/ CDROM

Product# 460684604
Selling for $106.33

"This contemporary and comprehensive book integrates traditional topics in operations management with significant changes occurring in manufacturing and service operations around the world. Operations Management is viewed from the perspective of operations as a group of interrelated and dependent processes. The material is clear and concise and is presented in a well-organized and logical progression of topics. It also includes a Multimedia CD version —which is the same as the print version, but with many additional unique and instructional features not available in the print version. Three part organization—Each part—The Strategy of Productive Systems, Designing Productive Systems, Operating Productive Systems—seeks to place each function of operations management in the proper perspective. Ideal for professionals in the operations management field who want to keep up with current changes resulting from the advances in computer and information technology."


Product# 460684732
Selling for $117.4

"This book introduces fundamental quality concepts of statistical process control and the application of these concepts to issues arising in industry. This book covers all aspects of quality from the basics—identifying quality, the evolution of quality, quality advocates—to advanced topics such as reliability, quality costs, and product liability. For professionals interested in a book on quality that emphasizes the understanding, use, and interpretation of statistical process control principles, concepts, and results throughout the problem-solving process."

Instant AutoCAD: 3D Modeling Using AutoCAD 2004

Product# 460685698
Selling for $48

"Designed to provide learners with the information and practice they need to compete in a competitive job market, 'Instant AutoCAD: 3D Modeling Using AutoCAD 2004' blends theory and practical applications in a hands-on, lab and exercise-intensive look at all the important concepts needed to draw in true 3D. The book's light-hearted tone and user-friendly, instructional framework features lists of key ideas found in each chapter; stylized print to emphasize key concepts; hundreds of visual aids to clarify discussions; tip boxes that offer useful insights into the program; clear, concise command sequences; sections that summarize chapter essentials; and hands-on exercises to review new ideas. Based on AutoCAD 2004, it explores the theory behind 3D modeling, how to prepare for 3D construction, the various kinds of 3D construction, and how to effectively enhance and present 3D models. It is based on new concepts in 3D Modeling, especially the use of solid modeling for the automatic creation of 2D drawings. For those who need to learn AutoCAD and its Engineering Drawing applications."

Achieving World Class Manufacturing Through Process Control

Product# 460686067
Selling for $73

Provides straightforward guidance on practical ways to improve your manufacturing processes. Also presents statistical metrics and tools to quantify variability and suggests ways to improve it. DLC: Process control.

Comparing ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldrige, And the SEI CMM for Software: A Reference and Selection Guide

Product# 460686110
Selling for $73

"Quality is more critical than ever, but how can you decide which quality methodology is most appropriate for your organization? And if business necessity requires you to work with more than one methodology, how can you manage your quality efforts most efficiently, avoiding duplication while achieving the greatest quality benefits? 'Comparing ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldrige, and the SEI CMM for Software: A Reference and Selection Guide' is the first book designed specifically to help you solve these problems."

Multivariate Statistical Methods in Quality Management

Product# 460766774
Selling for $157.5


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