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Pocket Book of English Grammar for Engineers and Scientists

Product# 460683869
Selling for $28.38

"'Pocket Book of English Grammar for Engineers and Scientists is geared specifically to the needs of engineering and science practitioners and students, although it is also appropriate for anyone doing technical or business writing. The book is unique among grammar manuals not only because of its straightforward, simplified organizational structure, but also because of its use of innovative tools and examples."

Basic Composition Skills for Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Product# 460686161
Selling for $35.6

"The text balances the theory of composition with practical writing examples and activities through the use of various features, including: Sample projects – examples of student work that illustrate the concepts presented in the chapter Chapter summaries – highlights of each chapter that provide a quick review of the main topics Chapter-ending projects and activities – review and application activities that allow readers to apply the concepts presented In addition to these features, almost every chapter includes Work in Progress case studies that help link theory and practice by highlighting the concepts presented in the chapter in terms of real-world activities. Shorter descriptions of the writing activities of engineering technicians are also included in the text. These cases come from the experiences of engineering technicians who are currently working in the field."

Editing for Writers

Product# 460767540
Selling for $97

"Includes comments from professional writers and editors; and clear explanations of the guidelines for grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence construction, and document organization."

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