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Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering

Product# 460683403
Selling for $157.5

"- THE industry standard reference for video engineering, completely updated with more then 50% new material- New chapters on video networking and digital television systems in the USA and Europe- CD-ROM contains over 1000 pages of bonus material, linked b"

How to Do Everything with Your TiVo

Product# 460683622
Selling for $24.99

"Turn on your TV! This helpful resource helps you select the best TiVo service based on your needs, then shows you how to set up your TiVo, watch live television with your TiVo, record programs, hook TiVo up to your home network, remotely schedule programs to be recorded over the Internet, use multiple TiVos, and much more!"

More Mpeg 4 Jump Start

Product# 460684814
Selling for $34.99

"The advanced MPEG-4 guide for every multimedia professional! -- The next step beyond the best-selling MPEG-4 Jumpstart! -- Covers natural and synthetic audio tools, sound composition/presentation; enhanced 3-D audio modeling, natural video coding, and more. -- Introduces never-before-published MPEG-J techniques! MPEG-4 is transforming Internet-based multimedia by delivering breakthrough video and audio quality, flexibility, and control. In this book, the authors of the best-selling MPEG-4 Jumpstart dive even more deeply into the new standard, showing developers how to leverage it to the fullest. Starting from where they left off in MPEG-4 Jumpstart, Aaron Walsh and Mikael Bourge-Sevenier cover MPEG-4's most sophisticated features and capabilities, including natural and synthetic audio tools; sound composition and presentation; enhanced modeling of 3-D sound scenes; and natural video coding. This is the only book on the market that covers MPEG-Java (MPEG-J) Java Programmatic Control, as well as powerful new Media Streams techniques for linking and synchr"

Fundamentals of Digital Television Transmission

Product# 460687994
Selling for $116.95

"What today?ÇÖs TV engineers need to know about working with digital systems This book helps systems engineers, designers, and managers in TV broadcasting make a smooth transition from analog to digital technologies. With an emphasis on RF transmission rather than baseband signal processing, it offers in a single resource a complete discussion of the digital TV signal, from the input to the transmitter to the output of the receiving antenna. Industry expert Gerald Collins provides clear, up-to-date explanations that build upon experience engineers already have with analog technology, including comparisons between analog and digital systems, factors affecting the performance of VHF and UHF stations, and down-to-earth discussions of modern high-power RF filters. Plus, he provides over 150 high-quality illustrations and tables as well as extensive references for readers wishing to pursue the subject more in depth. The discussion includes: *Major digital TV transmission standards *Key performance parameters of interest to RF engineers *The theory of operation and practical implementation of major system components *Factors affecting propagation of digital TV signals *Results of field testing of DTV systems *Performance data on the American ATSC, the European DVB, and the Japanese ISDB-T systems The DTV waveform shown on the cover was photographed by Bob Plonka of Harris Corporation and is used with permission."

Dtv Production Demystified

Product# 460766701
Selling for $49.95

"-- An inside-out introduction to the production processes used in digital television broadcasting -- covers how to shoot, light, and edit for DTV; enhanced TV content creation; and much more -- Sheds new light on the changes happening in broadcasting -- e"

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