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Representations of *-Algebras, Locally Compact Groups, and Banach *-Algebraic Bundles

Product# 460549158
Selling for $200

"This is an all-encompassing and exhaustive exposition of the theory of infinite-dimensional Unitary Representations of Locally Compact Groups and its generalization to representations of Banach algebras. The presentation is detailed, accessible, and self-contained (except for some elementary knowledge in algebra, topology, and abstract measure theory). In the later chapters the reader is brought to the frontiers of present-day knowledge in the area of Mackey normal subgroup analysisand its generalization to the context of Banach *-Algebraic Bundles."

Schaum's Outline of Tensor Calculus

Product# 460683023
Selling for $17.95

"The primary tool in the theory of relativity, tensor calculus is also important in continuum mechanics and differential geometry. This book takes a nonabstract, easy-to-understand approach, developing in numerous examples and solved problems those topics most pertinent to physics and engineering students."

Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Technique

Product# 460684150
Selling for $70

"This is the second edition of the well-established text in partial differential equations, emphasizing modern, practical solution techniques. This updated edition includes a new chapter on transform methods and a new section on integral equations in the numerical methods chapter. The authors have also included additional exercises."

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