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    SpamAlert Spam Filter - stop spam dead!

    Automatically delete the email from addresses you've banned, use the whitelist to allow email through who you wish to recieve email from, and filter all other email through a one time authentication procedure.

    We are currently in production of a spam filtering system that will remove an enormous amount of spam from your inbox.

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      Features will include:
    • Whitelist for your friends
    • Blacklist for your "I wish this person would stop bugging me" spammers
    • A simple one time authentication process for everyone else to identify themselves as people instead of spam spewing machines.

    This type is system is very affective as it provides 2 levels of spam removal. The first one is from invalid, spoofed, or fake addresses never get authorized so is automatically deleted in 60 days without you ever having had to read the spam. Spoofed email and email send from spambots is not authorized because they don't know how to click the email, and most don't have the capacity to respond to email sent to them - again, you see no spam. For the spam sent by humans who manually authenticate (this means they are using real email addresses, it is very easy to add them to the blacklist.

    Once the beta testing is complete we will be opening this as a service to the public, so check back soon!
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