Internets worst spammers. Our Spamlist is a growing list of the internets biggest spammers & scam artists!    
The Internets Worst Spammers Exposed

The Internets Worst Spammers Exposed
Our Spamlist is a growing list of the internets biggest spammers & scam artists!

This page is dedicated to the spammers out there that make each of us waste hours each day cleaning out our email, just to find the legitimate email we need. Feel free to use this information to make your email spam blocking filters as strong as possible. The email address is what our mail server reported as the sender. Sometimes spam is sent unknowingly, so rather than be angry at the apparent spammer (remember it could be spoofed), personally, I'd be angry at the domain linked to in the spam (they are most likely the ones trying to sell you something so it's fairly reasonable to assume they are paying for the spam). If you feel you are unfairly on this list, contact us. Just click on the email listed below to see the actual spam they sent.

So far, we've logged 30915 Spam Messages.

Check to see if an email address is on our list: The sad fact is if our filters have logged an email, even a spoofed email, there is a chance your email address may end up on various blacklists (someone gets that fake email and erroneously reports you as the sender). Email Spammers send out millions of email a day so if someone is pretending to be you, you should know about it.
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We received an email today from an angry webmaster. We have tried to explain to him that we am trying to help stem the flow of illegal unsolicated spam, not cause problems for legitimate businesses. Essentially, if someone is abusing your webpages to send email to unwanting recipients, or they are just pretending to be someone else, and their spam comes through our servers, it gets logged. As has been mentioned before, the anger should be directed at the webpages linked to in the spam, as they are usually the ones paying for the spam to be sent out. Please note, no domains or email addresses are sent to any blacklists at this time, and the information logged is an automated process. Also, it is very easy to see if an email has been spoofed or not, so if you have any questions just ask for a check, we maintain the all the header information, which includes the mail servers the spam originally came from.

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